Fairy Tale

June 28, 2006

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About the Book

Duncan MacElgin, of the devil’s own reputation and sinful past, has been forced to return home to his crumbling Scottish castle — only to be ambushed by a woman! Worse, the tartan-clad female is impertinent, unrepentant, and beautiful.

Convinced Duncan is the enemy, Marsali Hay orders her bedraggled clansmen to attack the powerful chieftain. She never dreams he is the infamous “Black Duncan,” returning to bring his embarrassing clan of rebels under control. Determined to assert his authority, Duncan vows that Marsali will pay dearly for her mistake. But when she confronts menacing danger, Duncan realizes that in order to regain control of his castle, he might have to fight the battle of his life…and surrender his hardened warrior’s heart.

Duncan expected to meet resistance when he returned from England to reclaim the clan and lands that were his birthright. But never in his wildest dreams did he imagine a woman like Marsali, a young imp who would do anything to protect her village from an outsider’s tyranny. Original.

Fairy Tale